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Modvigil 200mg

A balanced sleep cycle helps a person perpetuate a physical as well as mentally healthy life. Various factors such as irregular sleeping habits, night-shift office hours, excessive day-time sleeping, obesity, etc. give rise to sleep disorders. Medical science is trying its best to find a forever cure for these sleep disorders but treatments with smart drugs take the edge off the symptoms, providing a healthy sleeping habit. Doctors suggest Modvigil 200mg help the patient retrieve a normal sleep cycle.

Modvigil 200mg is an analeptic drug, containing Modafinil. Modvigil 200mg is a generic medication for treating symptoms of sleep apnea, narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorders, and other sleep disorders as well. It is a prescription drug and has a high recognition due to its off-label uses.

Tired of feeling sleepy all day? Buy Modvigil 200mg and restore your healthy sleeping habit, just pop a pill and let the magic begin.


How does Modvigil 200mg work?

Modafinil is the key component of Modvigil 200mg that belongs to the eugeroics category of drugs. The exact mechanism of Modvigil 200mg is yet unknown but it is assumed that Modvigil 200mg works on the central nervous system by modulating the chemical neurotransmitters in the brain thus, exerting a stimulant effect to eliminate excessive sleepiness. The action of Modvigil 200mg starts within 30-60 minutes of ingestion and stays in the body for around 9-12 hours. Modvigil 200mg along with wakefulness will help you stay alert and focused all day.


Dosage guidelines for Modvigil 200mg

Modvigil 200mg is a prescription drug and should only be taken under a doctor’s approval. Your doctor will prescribe Modvigil 200mg based on your age, health, and extremity of your condition. Most commonly doctors recommend a 100mg dose at first, if needed, the dosage is increased up to 200mg. Higher doses up to 400mg in a day have been well tolerated but there is no consistent evidence that a 400mg dose has worked better than a 200mg dose. The dosage and strength depend on what type of sleep disorder you have and how severe it has got. Those who have other ailments along with sleep disorders are given 100mg at the most to avoid any health clashes.

Take one pill of Modvigil 200mg with a glass of water in the morning after breakfast or one hour before your office shift if taken for this purpose.


Storage Guidelines for Modvigil 200mg

Modvigil 200mg should be stored in a safe place away from the reach of children. Store it in a cool, clean place at a room temperature.

Side effects of Modvigil 200mg

Modvigil 200mg is an effective drug for treating disorders associated with sleeping but sometimes a little extra in the form of side effects adds up to the treatment. Since no two people have the same body mechanism, one may or may not encounter side effects due to Modvigil 200mg. Side effects can be mild to severe. Mild side effects lessen after a while, whereas severe side effects may need medical attention.

  • Pounding heartbeat
  • Nervousness
  • Headache
  • Agitation
  • Gastrointestinal disturbance
  • Hallucinations
  • Dizziness
  • Troubled breath
  • Swelling of tongue/throat due to allergies
  • Chest pain
  • Loss of appetite


Overdosing on Modvigil 200mg

Overdose of Modvigil 200mg can take place deliberately or as an impulsive act of taking more than the prescribed dose. Certain side effects occur after overdosing with Modvigil 200mg. Contact the poison control center or your nearest hospital for immediate supervision. As a precautionary measure always stay alert while taking your medications.


When not to take Modvigil 200mg?

Do not take Modvigil 200mg if you are taking birth control pills as it may decrease the effectiveness of your birth control pills. Modvigil 200mg might interact with anticoagulants, antifungals, antidepressant medications so avoid taking this combination.

Avoid drinking beverages that contain caffeine or chocolate in large amounts with Modvigil 200mg. If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, do not take Modvigil 200mg.

Modvigil 200mg can interact with certain drugs, so be sure to inform your doctor about your medications. Do not take Modvigil 200mg without a doctor’s prescription if you have blood pressure or cardiovascular problems.



  • Inform your doctor about the medications you are taking to avoid any drug interactions between Modvigil 200mg and other medications.
  • Do not start/stop the use of Modvigil 200mg or increase/decrease the strength of the drug.
  • Drink plenty of water as Modvigil 200mg causes headache.
  • Do not take Modafinil if you have enough sleep.
  • In case of a missed dose do not take it if the missed dose is close to your next dose of Modvigil 200mg.
  • Avoid taking this medication, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is Modvigil 200mg safe?

Modvigil 200mg is a safe and FDA-approved medication only if you are prescribed for your sleep disorder. Recreational purposes of Modvigil 200mg are highly advised against.

Can I take Modvigil 200mg daily?

You can take Modvigil 200mg daily and the recommended dose per day is 200mg. Although the long-term safety of Modvigil 200mg is unknown, it is advisable to take it for the duration prescribed by your doctor.

Can I take Modvigil 200mg during my pregnancy?

It is not a safe step to take Modvigil 200mg during pregnancy. Try alternate methods or exercises to help you restore a normal sleep cycle.

How long does it take for Modvigil 200mg to kick in?

It takes 30-60 minutes for Modvigil 200mg to start its mechanism of action which can differ from person to person.

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